Are you an adventurer looking for something new and exciting?

We have just what you need! Our freshwater cave diving tours will allow you to experience the breathtaking underwater landscapes that always lead to adventure!

Who can dive with us?

All entrants must have obtained sufficient training from the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) prior to booking.

Previous dives

Shark's Cave
Shark's Cave
Certification: CDAA Cave Diver

At 25 meters, sunlight is still visible in some areas, however its narrow passageways will keep you alert.

Underwater Utopia
Underwater Utopia
Certification: CDAA Basic Training

Travelling between 10 and 15 meters, you can explore beatutiful rock formations and obesrve various types of sea life.

The wasteland
The wasteland
Certification: CDAA Advanced Cave Diver

Travelling the depths of 60 to 100 meters, you are in complete darkness. The only thing allowing you to see is your attached glow stick. Extremely tight passageways flow into large openings of the wasteland.

Upcoming Dives

Below are the dives for the next three months, be sure to book before slots are filled!

About the club

Starting in 2010, Extreme Sport Diving has been hosting dives and events for Australia's cave diving community.

Our aim is to have an easily accessible diving program that has a strong emphasis on diver safety. All members of staff hold a certification in cave diving and will ensure that your experience is as safe as is thrilling.

We are always looking for new staff to join us! Contact us via email or phone to enquire about available positions.

Our Partners

Our partner organisations ensure that our club is able to operate in a safe way and allows us to participate in dives all around Australia!

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Please ensure that your CDAA certification is valid and has not expired. You will be required to bring a copy of your certification with you to verify your diving eligibility.

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